Alex Widua

Interface Designer & Prototyper

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Visual Tools2022

Design tools for crafting beautiful interfaces.

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Recent Work


Developer Tools for Figma.

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Google AI

Interned at Google AI and prototyped
AI experiments & interfaces.

Reality Labs

Interned at Reality Labs and riffed on
AR creator tools.

Beautiful Shadows

Design tool to intuitively create skeuomorphic shadows.

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Reimagining the browser as a spatial canvas.

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Scribbling Interfaces

AI-powered Design tool that translates sketches into Design System components.

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Chrome extension for more mindful and intentional browsing.

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Thumbnail of the Physical Affordances project.

Physical Affordances

Exploring physical affordances in the browser.

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Copy & Rotate

Design tool for creating radial interfaces and patterns in Figma.

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Browser experiment that explores implicit and explicit communication through cursor actions.

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Smooth Gradients

Design tool that smoothens gradients by interpolating their color stops.

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