Alex Widua

Designer & Prototyper

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Selected projects

Visual Tools

Design tools for crafting beautiful interfaces.

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Collection of interface explorations that use more of the device's capabilities.

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Recent side projects


Developer tool for inspecting nodes & layers in Figma.

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Design tool for prototyping with code in Figma.

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Beautiful Shadows

Design tool to intuitively create smooth, skeuomorphic shadows.

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Rethinking the web browser as a spatial canvas.

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Scribbling Interfaces

Design tool exploration that translates scribbles into Design System components.

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Chrome extension for more mindful and intentional browsing.

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Physical Inputs

A little study on physical inputs and their motion properties.

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Copy & Rotate

Design tool for creating radial interfaces and patterns.

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Exploring implicit and explicit cursor-to-cursor interactions.

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Smooth Gradients

Design tool that interpolates & smoothens gradients.

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Sticky Notes

Collaborative sticky notes for Figma before FigJam was a thing.

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I'm a Interaction Designer & Prototyper passionate about exploring the little details, interactions and expressions no one asked for.
Right now I'm doing my master thesis in Interaction Design and design/research at Google on the side.

In a past life I was an Industrial Designer and primarily worked on physical products. I cherish this time and always try to bring more of the physical world around us back to the interfaces in front of us.