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In February 2023 I started a series of interface explorations and prototypes built using SwiftUI and React.

The aim of these prototypes is to explore interesting interface ideas that use more of the device's capabilities and sensors.
I also like to think of them as artifacts that can inspire and provoke.

You can can follow along on Twitter and view the code on GitHub.

Recent prototypes

Hour Glass. A timer that is initiated by a physical flip interaction. The interface responds and interacts with the device's motion. The effect is achieved by blending together linear gradients, shapes and SpriteKit particles.

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Jello. A viscous interface that responds to the device's velocity (using the accelerometer) and touch input.

Ambient Interface 1. Interface that responds to the current ambient light level and creates a glow-in-the-dark effect. The effect is achieved by reading the device's ambient light sensor and partially dimming UI elements.

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Ambient Interface 2. A dynamic background using the same ambient light reading. The fireflies are generated using SpriteKit.

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Reflective Button. Uses the device's front camera to emulate a reflective metal/chrome surface. The effect is augmented by layering multiple inner shadows and showing smudges after interacting with the button.

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Solar Eclipse. Uses the device's accelerometer to move the 'moon' around the canvas. When the moon and sun ellipses overlap they create an interesting glow effect. The smooth glow is achieved by layering multiple outer glows on top of each other.

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I appreciate you being interested in the prototypes I'm building. Make sure to come back for new explorations and (if you will) follow me on Twitter for more regular updates.