Alex Widua • Designer & Prototyper

Flux is a experimental web browser that rethinks the browser as a spatial canvas and explores interactions and expressions that emerge with it.

Coursework at Umeå Institute of Design, Winter 2021
Tool belt
Prototypes built using Origami and React

Fluid metaphors

The project was explored through different fluid metaphors, e.g. treating the canvas as a fluid container and tabs as floating entities. This opened up a interesting investigation into different ways of interacting with websites.

Containing a fluid

Similar in how you can scoop water into a bucket to contain it, entire canvases can be contained and put aside. By separating elements onto different canvases, we can create mental buckets of the web.

Freezing a fluid

Some websites are fluid — content we see today, might be changed or gone in the next day or even next time we're visiting the website. In Flux, websites can be frozen. Otherwise fluid data is turned into a rigid copy that is stored locally and can be viewed anytime — until it is thawed, making it fluid and dynamic again.

Browser history

One of the shortcomings of today's browsers is the browser history. Navigating back and forth between sites is linear and tracing back where our journey started is difficult.

Explicit traces

In Flux, navigating through hyperlinks creates explicit traces that maps our browser history as individual nodes, where each node is dependent on its parent.