I'm an industrial designer turned interaction designer with a love for frontend development and HCI, currently doing my MFA Interaction Design at the Institute of Design Umeå.

I love to build products and tools that empower people.


  • MFA Interaction Design At UID I learn and engage in human-centered practices and enjoy tinkering, building and breaking
    Umeå Institute of Design
    2020 — Present
  • BA Industrial Design Throughout my years in Wuppertal I've developed a expertise in construction, rapid prototyping techniques and user research methods and practices
    University of Wuppertal
    2015 — 2020


  • Design Intern During my time a NVIDIA I worked at the intersection of physical and digital experiences across the disciplines of Industrial and Experience Design, further developing my passion for interaction design
    Spring 2019
  • Keyshot Student Rep. / Tutor As part of the Luxion Keyshot Student rep program, I lectured Keyshot in Germany and the US and hosted small demos. I also helped shaping the very first Keyshot curriculum
    2018 — 2020
  • Interaction Designer Working in a interdisciplinary team of engineers, interaction designers and product designers in the area of smart home automation
    2017 — 2018



  • User Research Experience in Ethnographic research methods and engaging users in workshops
  • Wireframing Wireframing in different fidelities from pen and paper to Figma and Framer
  • Prototyping Low and high fidelity prototyping ranging from digital to physical mediums
  • User Testing Engaging users in usability tests and validate findings with users
  • System Thinking System mapping and thinking and working in circular systems


  • Adobe PS + AE The adobe suite is my daily driver for everything photo and video manipulation related
  • Figma Figma is my daily driver for wireframing, visual design. I recently started doing my illustrations there, too
  • Framer I use Framer to build data-driven prototypes
  • Solidworks I use Solidworks for construction and validating ideas in CAD or to prep physical prototypes
  • Rhino I use Rhino as a substitute for Solidworks for faster iterations and rapid prototyping
  • Blender I use Blender to create 3D assets and prep 3d animations
  • Keyshot I use Keyshot to visualize products or prototype scenes for physical photo shoots
  • Unreal Engine I use Unreal Engine to prototype and mockup AR and VR experiences
  • Git-based workflow I use a git-based workflow for almost all my projects to enable collaboration and improve versioning


  • JavaScript JavaScript is how I talk to machines
  • VueJS/React I use JS frameworks to build my ideas or to prototype or mockup device-agnostic interfaces
  • Node.js I use Node.js to mockup backends that communicate with my frontend
  • Python I use Python to talk to my Raspberries
  • HTML & CSS I use HTML & CSS to send spaceships to Mars

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